How Much Costs an Architectural 3D Rendering?

One of the most important factors in choosing a 3D rendering studio for your next project is the price. It is important to not only have a high quality 3D rendering, but also did not pay much for it. We’ll leave you with some statistics about the average prices and what you should expect to receive in return of the amount paid.

Above all, the most important thing to remember when hiring a 3D visualization studio is that usually you get what you pay for!

You simply can not expect to pay a minimum amount and get a amazing 3D rendering. Studios that charge more for their work typically do so because they are more experienced and produce high quality 3D animations and renderings. Making a 3D rendering of high level requires time and experience – 3D architects who are capable of producing excellent images, deserve to be paid well. After all, a better quality of 3D rendering, which looks to be fantastic and impresses buyers or customers is much more valuable than a rendering of poor quality. So, you get what you pay for!

It all depends on your budget and how successful you want your marketing campaign becomes. If you want a highly attractive product, you will probably have to pay a bit more for a good 3D studio. If you are content with just an image that resembles what your project will be, but that probably will not impress anyone, then just look at who offers the lowest price.

So how much costs an architectural 3D rendering?

In a recent worldwide survey, performed by CGarchitect, the average price charged by a static image of architecture is between US$1000.00 and US$2000.00. Note: this is an average price for 3D presentations of high-quality, you could expect to pay this being fair. While a standard 3D animation costs anywhere between US$5000.00 and US$10000.00, you could expect to pay a fair bit more. Obviously, every studio is different and prices vary. But usually the studios that are producing a really higher quality work, are charging more.

Okay, but what is the difference between a high-quality image and a low-quality?

Below are some images of very high-quality. These are among the best examples you will find anywhere in the world:

High-quality interior 3D architectural visualization

High-quality exterior 3D architectural visualization

As you can see, are impressive and realistic images.

And now, some examples of poor 3D rendering:

Low-quality exterior 3D architectural visualization

Low-quality interior 3D architectural visualization

Clearly the difference is huge. The high-quality images are much more realistic and are much more attractive than the low-quality images. You can expect to pay about US$500.00 and US$1000.00 per image for these renderings of low-quality (depending on where you go). And for high-quality rendering, you can expect to pay around US$2000.00 to US$10000.00 per image, in any good studio.

Obviously each 3D visualization studio is capable of producing a certain standard of work. Some are simply more experienced and more talented than others. You need to do your homework and compare prices and images of each studio that you ask for a quote. Then choose which offers the best value for your money!

Just remember: you get what you pay for! The high quality image simply looks better and appeals to more people. It inspires confidence not only in the project but in the brand. For a slightly higher price, a striking image created by a qualified studio, with experienced and talented artists, far outweighs the possible outcomes of a lower quality image. In the end, the extra money spent on a high-quality image back to you tenfold. More profits due to the quality of visualization and its greater ability to attract potential buyers.

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