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The 3D Art - Book of Illustrations

The 3D Art – Book of Illustrations

Description: A selection of some of the most beautiful works of computer graphics made by BaloOm Animation Studios was formed to this first volume of The 3D Art – Book of Illustrations.
Today the CGI (computer-generated imagery) is seen everywhere due to its beauty and flexibility, probably if you look at the side now, will see something made ​​from this art, like tomatoes on a product label, a pet friendly in a children’s cartoon or cars exploding in a movie.
If you are an enthusiast and fan of computer-generated animations and illustrations, this book is indispensable in your library.
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ISBN: 9781621547778
Language: English
Publisher: BaloOm Animation Studios
Publication Date: Oct. 10, 2012
Series Name: The 3D Art
Number in Series: 1
Print Length: 37 pages
Category: Digital
Price: FREE
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