How the 3D Visualization Conquers Customers

A picture is worth a thousand words! Who ever realized this in practice? That’s why 3D visualization has for some time ceased to be a luxury to be an effective tool and indispensable for construction companies, architects, interior designers, furniture designers and many others who work with projects. But what this tool conquest customers?

1. The Beauty Attracts the Eyes

The photorealistic perspectives are as bait. They are responsible for winning the potential customer’s first attention.
The lighting, the background to which is added, the humanization of the environments, the detail of textures, are visual features that enrich your project and makes it attractive.

2. Transparency Raises Confidence

Fidelity to the future of the project is a key factor. The graphic representation that follows the details of the data-sheet causes a good impression and the customer realizes he is not being fooled. Also, remember that customers will keep the your marketing materials and your satisfaction will bring more credibility to your business.

3. Better Understanding of the Project

Who to the show a project in the floor plan never encountered obstacles to provide understanding to the customer? Usually happens that those who have no knowledge in architecture or engineering, finds it difficult to visualize and quantify dimensions of space and depth. The virtual mockup fulfills this purpose by presenting three-dimensional features of the project with representations easy to be assimilated by the general public, as the proportions of doors, windows, furniture and vegetation.

4. Feeling of Closeness

The fact of does not really know the apartment or house which are buying, creates doubts in customers. Therefore, the 3D mockup, decorated and positioned correctly about the daylighting is his primary reference and will have inestimable value to those who often are performing their dreams.

5. Ease Access

The 3D visualization is extremely flexible as their way of showing. High resolution images, videos, interactive tours… a range of materials which can be disclosed on billboards, brochures, catalogs, magazines, newspapers, television, social media, wesites… With this tool, the realtor he has more attractions to offer, and it becomes almost impossible to lose a sale. Customers are hit directly and are motivated by the quality of presentations.

With these five characteristics, the 3D visualization provides to your project greater sales potential, and how useful it is also for your customer, it becomes a mutual benefit.

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